Freedom Fighting Missionaries Inc.

We provide services and resources to the formerly incarcerated and criminal justice involved that lead to self sufficiency. I started Freedom Fighting Missionaries because I didn't want those returning from jails and prisons to face the struggles that I did. I served a 10 year federal sentence and was released in 2012. I struggled to find a job because of my background and even though I went to over a dozen non profits I was still refused a job 40 times in a row before finally being hired by Goodwill making $7.25 per hour . The father of five children in need motivated me to press forward until I was given an opportunity in automotive industry.

I started as car salesman at a Mazda store and I quickly grew to top sales man and over the course of 7 years I was promoted to finance manager and then sales manager working for brands such as BMW, Hyundai and Honda. During the course of my career I used my hiring ability to train and hire those with a background and became known in the community for assisting those with a background. I was able to assist over a dozen people reach self sufficiency. I made a decision to retire from the car business to pursue my passion of helping others and on January 01, 2020 I decided to go non-profit full time. I was given a great opportunity to work with a local non profit in Charlotte and they were gracious enough to teach me what I needed to know to go out on my own.

I had a plan and then Covid-19 followed by the murder of George Floyd. My workload increased by 90% and with limited resources I was forced to spring into action and start operating 24/7 and expanding our services to assist the elderly , homeless and those with criminal backgrounds coupled with a disability.

We focus our efforts on supporting those who have been incarcerated in jails and prisons by connecting them with services and resources that are specific to them. Our team of professionals all have lived experience and have successfully transitioned from prison to self sufficiency.

Our unique approach is driven by our desire to see barriers broken down. The journey to self sufficiency from poverty is difficult in any city but it is especially difficult for those who have a criminal background and in many cases a documented disability.

Our most vulnerable populations are in need of advocates as they try to navigate through technological changes . Through our experience working with and assisting those who have been in prison, chronically houseless, live below the poverty line and the elderly we have discovered that they need assistance filling out online forms, someone to speak on their behalf and lessons with using the internet or a cell phone. We encourage our community to support us by using the skills, time and resources they have to help those returning from prisons which in turn provides community safety as well as relief to taxes as our peers and their children are no longer dependent upon the government for assistance.

We have developed a system that allows us as a community to assist men and women who have struggled with housing due to having a criminal background obtain housing. Finding suitable housing with a background is difficult but with community support it has proven to be possible. Our mission is to help make the best out of a second chance. Freedom Fighting Missionaries Inc has recently partnered with Home Again Foundation to bring affordable housing solutions to vulnerable populations experiencing homelessness.

We currently have the support of Our County , City and local churches, Hospital system , Crisis Assistance, Save Our Children Movement and with the support of Global Giving we can help change some lives.

Kenneth Robinson


Andrew McKenna

Executive Director

Community Support

To date all of our efforts have been completely funded by community support in the form of financial donations, labor and offering expertise at no charge. We believe that we can assist each other with community support with genuine care and concern being the most effective form of donation that you can make. Join us and become a connection to community support in your city, town and neighborhood.